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23 is Back

23 is Back is one of the most popular and respected Jordan sellers online of today, but for some reason they refuse to update the design of their site!!

It looks like one of the original sites from when the web first began. For all of you that are not familiar with the site they do sell NOTHING but authentics and despite the ugly site design ..their legit and do fair business.

So if you’re looking for some authentic Jordan shoes and don’t mind paying a slightly higher price go over and check them out.


Space Jam Jordans

One of the most recognizable Jordans still to this day are the Space Jam Jordans by Jordan Brand.

Honestly the most sought after sneaker in the whole line up to this day considering it was first released YEARS ago and can command prices up to a $1,000 plus on sites like Ebay and from private sellers. If you have your hands on a pair of these hold on, because you have a potential gold mine =).

New Jordans Coming Out in 2012

Happy New Year and with that said you know there will be a slew of New Jordans coming out and you probably won’t be able to keep up with them all …UNLESS you head over to New Jordans Coming Out and check out the entire page on all the New Jordans Coming Out in 2012. It’s that easy ..GO NOW!

New Jordans Release Dates

How many times have your favorite pair or Jordans came out and you missed the release date? …too many RIGHT!

Well make sure you check out New Jordans Coming Out and head on over to our New Jordans Release Dates page and see when your favorite pair of Air Jordans are releasing. While you’re at it make sure to join our newsletter so you never miss ANYTHING on Jordan shoes.

New Jordans Coming Out

If you’re a Jordan lover like I am than you will love this site I created!

I send out a weekly newsletter on EVERYTHING Jordan to our thousands of subscribers. So you never miss another Air Jordan release date and you’ll also receive discounts from our advertisers and sponsors.

Head over and check us out today –> New Jordans.